Lauren L Salazar
Statement for Togetherness Undone

The components of traditional painting become the subject of my work. Frame, canvas and hue are approached as equals in creating, and their dependency on one another is evident. Boldly painted frames are explored three-dimensionally as handwoven canvases bind themselves to all sides and in all directions.
Togetherness Undone exploits and changes the metaphor of weaving itself. Weaving, as in relationships with family, friends and community, is about creating a unified, strong and purposeful cloth out of many small and fragile individual strands. The idea of the group being more powerful than the individual is quite literally the case in weaving.
In Togetherness Undone handwoven cloth is deconstructed and reapplied to painting frames as chaotic fractals. What was once a solid unified moment exists now as something undone, reapproached and vulnerable.
As in life-changing moments, bonds that were once strong constants in our lives, once lost, force us to pick-up the remains and reapproach life differently and changed.