Lauren L Salazar

"The works of Lauren L. Salazar demonstrate the capacity of a canvas and frame to become the very subject of a painting. She brings the traditions of textile production to bear on painting, with her incisions into the canvas transforming it from a continuous support structure into a grid of varied hues and textures. With the frame painted in bright or bold colors, Salazar toys with our assumptions of what it means to produce a painting, and the relative importance of surface. Billowing out from the frame, stretching towards the floor, or slicing up the pristine surface with lines and colorful patterns, her canvases force a rethinking of painting as a contained or discrete object. Instead, they offer a broader and richer proposition for painting- one that extends well beyond the frame to project assertively into the space of the viewer."

-Written by Nora Burnett Abrams as Juror's Pick for New American Paintings Issue 114